How It Works

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How It Works

The 9×12 Jumbo Savings Card is an exclusive, co-operative marketing tool.

It’s priced to fit your budget and is extremely targeted to maximize your return on investment.

Only 18 qualified businesses are accepted onto any Jumbo Savings Card.

Jumbo Savings Cards fill up very quickly, and once you have secured your spot, then no other competing business in your category will be allowed on the card. This means you will have no competitors on the same card with your business.

The Jumbo Savings Card is different from other direct mail pieces, print publications or websites promoting offers & coupons because of our exclusivity AND because it’s a stand-alone JUMBO FORMAT (9 inches x 12 inches) full color, glossy, two sided heavy card stock post card that is mailed to 5,000+ laser targeted customers within your local area. It is NOT an insert that gets buried inside a larger publication. It’s NOT a folded piece that has to be opened. It’s JUMBO so it stands out from your other mail. It’s the only one of it’s kind being mailed in this region. What all of this means is your promotional offer gets SEEN.

Only QUALIFIED offers will be accepted on any Jumbo Savings Card.

Not all businesses who want to be featured will be accepted. Successful direct response mail campaigns work when your offer is really strong and well matched to your target customer audience. We help you create a strong offer that will increase your response rate for a much bigger return on your investment. If we can’t come to an agreement on a strong offer suitable for the Jumbo Savings Card then we will refund your investment prior to going to print.

NO Contracts or long-term commitments.

Each Jumbo Savings Card is designed, printed and delivered to 5,000+ customers within targeted local areas for a very specific time so you will see an immediate response. Once you become a Jumbo Savings Card advertiser you get first right of refusal on every card. Once you control a business category in your local area you won’t want to let it go to your competition, but you are not obligated or locked-in with a contract.

This is a SAMPLE of what the 9 x 12 JUMBO Savings Card looks like…

Front of the JUMBO Savings Card


featuring your best OFFER to drive customers into your business.

Back of the JUMBO Savings Card


JUMBO Savings Card Pricing Front


JUMBO Savings Card Pricing Back

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