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Dear Business Owner,

We are Team JUMBO and we are also business owners just like you. We understand your need to promote your business, get more customers and get a better than average return on your investment.

That’s why we launched the JUMBO Savings Card as a local business.

You can now get your business in front of 5,000+ potential customers for just pennies each with our proven JUMBO Savings Card system.

HOW. We use a blended direct, mobile and web marketing approach that gets your business message and your irresistible offer in front of 5,000+ customers in your local area. Today more than ever you need fast, laser targeted customer acquisition with a cost effective, proven system. One thing you may have overlooked, every household in America has a mail box and nearly everyone has a mobile phone. Our systems utilizing direct and mobile marketing have proven track records.

FINANCIAL. With traditional marketing, the cost to get new customers in today’s recession is difficult and expensive. But with recent changes in the U.S. Mail system you can now position your business in front of 5,000+ potential customers for as little as 5.9 cents each. There is no better time to grab your market share than right now. Along with the internet which has leveled the playing field and is responsible for record breaking growth. Businesses just like yours are experiencing amazingly fast cash windfalls by simply harnessing the power of our proven JUMBO Savings Card system. Now you can get your business in front of customers a number of ways including social media, Google, online advertising, mobile, email and direct marketing.

ACTION. To reserve your space and get more customers to your business or get your questions answered, We have included our private cell phone numbers. We provide premium customer service with our Exclusive Client Guarantee. We work on a first come, first served basis with non-competing clients, meaning we have one client in each business category per card.

Take two minutes right now, pick up the phone and call us. You have nothing to lose but profits. Or email us at: sales@JumboSavingsCard.com.


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